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Top 10 Hit Films Of 2013

(1) RACE 2 – 93.50 CRORE

The thriller lacks sense and substance a great deal, but what made it fall in the lap of luxury, is solely its style and sizzle. Race 2 has stunning stars, breathtaking foreign locations, smooth action sequences – just one more addition would have made the film a sensible watch – a strong, spot-on storyline. A tip for Abbas-Mustan – gloss excites only till a point; the real impact comes from a potent plot.

(2) SPECIAL 26 – 65 CRORE

A cracker of a film, Special 26 is one of the best thrillers made in recent times… the one that actually has us on the edge of our seats – from the inception till the conclusion! The exhilarating heist drama, based on real events, is a wild operation that injects intoxicating humor into extremely tensed situations with downright ease.


It won’t be an exaggeration to call it one of the best films of the year, even though it’s just a February release! Abhishek Kapoor has risen to the challenge and clearly carried the day! Boy-bonding gets a new, much relatable, deeper definition, through this film. It has its fun moments that charm the pants off us, and has an equal impact on us so far as the emotional parts are concerned. In a nutshell, Kai Po Che works like magic.


Packed with energetic music, the film is a big bore when it comes to convincing the plot-hungry viewers. The film, no doubt, lives up to its title, but the makers seemed to have overlooked another important ingredient to charm the crowd – remarkable acting. All the characters are visibly trained dancers, but tell them to deliver a line with conviction, and they immediately go out of step! Hence, the film has made a big business at the Box Office, only because of its dancing sequences, and nothing else.


Vishal Bhardwaj gave us probably the first enjoyable movie of the year… a film that had us in splits along with teaching us a thing or two. The political satire is a clever representation, and the presence of some really wild characters and a crazy story ensure gales of laughter.

(6)MURDER 3 – 18.75 CRORE

The Bhatts are known for their heady cocktails of sex and crime. What should have been the biggest assets of this thriller, were annoyingly lost behind those robot-like expressions of the glam-doll Sara Loren and Randeep Hooda’s drowsy dialogue delivery! Thanks to the two, we simply couldn’t take the tensed situations seriously. A smart play by Aditi Rao alone couldn’t save the film, obviously! First-time director Vishesh certainly showed potential, but it is also clear that he needs to learn many more tricks of the trade to be a master filmmaker.


The action thriller is high on bloodshed and extremely low on a boastful body! Based on a true gang rivalry, Zila Ghaziabad is surely not a great cinematic example. Even though the film has a powerful star-cast, a lackluster script and mind-numbing execution play big roles in its low ticket-window collections.


Despite the controversies the film landed in before it could open in theatres, Vishwaroop lacked a strong plot to send the audiences into raptures. Though the spy thriller is undoubtedly an entertainment-package, but a lesser tight screenplay certainly takes the edge off it. Vishwaroop works in parts, leaving the cine-buffs disappointed largely.

(9) TABLE NO. 21 – 12 CRORE

The thriller is loaded with everything but thrilling moments, to say the least! A clumsy storyline that has a creepy finale, Table No. 21 is a torturous experience for film reviewers. Those who succeeded in sitting through the film, hesitated from telling the world that they had actually opted for it.

(10) INKAAR – 10.25 CRORE

This high-voltage drama that revolves around the theme of sexual harassment in workplace, couldn’t really live up to its promises. The director clearly falls short of treating the bold-yet-delicate subject with absolute excellence. The loopholes are visibly loud and clear. Despite a crackling beginning, the flick ends not with a bang but with a whimper!



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