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Must know how honey can help you lose weight ?

Most people have detected that after you need to reduce you wish to prevent consumption honeylike things. this is not invariably true although. Believe it or not, many folks have lost weight after they have started victimization honey rather than sugar. Weight loss victimization honey will truly happen after you understand some facts regarding honey.

First, let’s explore honey and table sugar. One teaspoon of sugar contains sixteen calories. Since sugar is extremely processed it does not contain several healthy ingredients, if any in any respect. A teaspoon of honey contains twenty one calories. But, honey conjointly contains several healthy ingredients like amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

How Honey will assist you reduce

Honey undoubtedly encompasses a healthier glycemic index compared to sugar. this implies that after you eat some honey it does not cause you to expertise a sugar rush as a result of it’s absorbed into your body step by step, not like sugar. Honey offers you a supply of energy that’s stabilised. It will not provide you with a sugar “high” or AN energy “crash” soon.

As we have a tendency to all understand self management is extremely necessary after you try to lose those unwanted pounds. the general public solely would like slightly little bit of honey to satisfy their appetence. plenty of individuals expertise low energy levels after they diet. Honey helps you with this drawback as a result of it will keep your energy levels additional stabilised throughout the day.

Honey is really Sweeter Tasting Compared To Sugar

This means you may use less honey. as a result of it’s additional flavor than sugar, you merely have to be compelled to add slightly to your drinks or food. when you eat slightly honey you may feel additional consummated and this implies you may be less tempted to cuckold your diet. therefore say good-bye to sugar and next time place slightly little bit of honey in your cup of tea or occasional.

Eat Honey Before and when You Exercise

It’s important to exercise after you need to reduce and be healthier. consumption honey before you begin travail can provide you with the energy that you just would like therefore you do not quit early. Studies have shown that athletes recover faster after they eat slightly honey when their performance.

So whether or not you’re going for a walk or attending to the athletic facility, place a teaspoon of raw honey in your bottle. you’ll be able to sip it before and when your exercise. you will be shocked at however smart you’re feeling when your exercise.

Weight Loss victimization Honey and Cinnamon

The following direction is delicious and straightforward to create. build a giant batch of it and keep it your icebox therefore you’ll be able to relish it anytime you crave eat one thing sweet.


1 teaspoon of honey
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
1 cup of water


1. combine the honey, cinnamon and water along in an exceedingly little pan.
2. Bring the mixture to a full boil. Let cool before cold.
3. Drink a half cup of the mixture one hour before you eat breakfast and another 0.5 cup one regarding one hour before you visit sleep.It’s a smart plan to undertake completely different varieties of teas and honeys. this manner you will not get uninterested in only 1 flavor.

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