Cast: Chinmay Mandlekar, Sukhada Yash, Edward Sonnenblick, Suhas Shirsat
Direction: Ajit Bhairavkar
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Story: Once you endure a journey (Waari), you will not take off because the same person who walked in. Mokssh, Hindi adaptation of the multiple award-winning Marathi film ‘Gajar’, could be a fascinating tale of spirituality and discovery.

Review: Parth (Chinmay Mandlekar) AN egotistical and bold producer, takes up AN ‘experimental’ project of directional a movie on the Waarkaris (pilgrims), UN agency religiously start up the annual Pandharpur yatra (pilgrimage) to envision their divinity Lord Vithoba (believed to be a  form of Krishna and Vishnu).

Parth is in the midst of girlfriend Geetali (Sukhada Yash), Eric (Edward Sonnenblick), a global student following a Masters in social science, Avdya (local Wari expert) and camera operator Amol (DOP Amol Gole plays himself). To capture Maharashtra’s most revered voyage on camera, they travel with the Waarkaris, UN agency walk 240 kms in eighteen days! The expertise seems to be a life-altering journey for Parth as eighteen days signify eighteen chapters (Adyay) of the Dnyaneshwari (a statement on the Bhagwad Gita).

Made on a modest budget, Mokssh scores in most departments, story and genuineness, imagination, picture taking, dialogues and performances. Scenes wherever the Waarkaris specific their love for Vithoba square measure heart-rending. Casting is sensible as acclaimed Sanskritic language actor Chinmay Mandlekar plays the protagonist with perfection. you are feeling his pain as he strives to meet his passion while not compromising on his principles. you’ll determine along with his restlessness. His relentless explore for a deeper which means in life causes you to mull. Supporting actors create their mark furthermore. the important Waari footage shot by Gole is exciting.

The film, however, has its share of flaws. some parts square measure dubbed and not re-shot, that is distracting. from time to time the Adhyays bear no connexion to the up to date setting, as is that the objective. The farmers’ plight issue appears a shade out of place.

Nonetheless, if salvation is what you obtain, Mokssh is liberating. Like Parth, you will realize your answers too. At times, whereas analysing somebody else’s behaviour or learning their nature, you finish up discovering yours. religion is all it takes…take this emotional voyage.

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