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Magical effects of Yoga

Life is full of stress, struggle, pain, sufferings and never ending competition. Taking energy drinks and tablets / tonics increase our stamina. But the results are temporary and also have side effects later. We should adopt Yoga and Naturopathy / Naturapathy which surely have no side effects as Indian Sages / Saints used to practice in ancient time and lived healthy long life. Trust Mother Nature and adopt Naturopathy & Yoga because “A Healthy body have a Healthy soul”.
Yoga or Yogic Therapy is a spiritual science which has been gifted to us by Indian Sages for the final emancipation. Yoga may be a methodology by that one will develop one\’s inherent power in a very balanced manner.

The science of yoga and its technique have currently suit to fashionable social science would like and life vogue. specialists of varied branches of drugs area unit realizing the role of those techniques in bar of illness, cure of illness and promotion of health.

The practice of yoga prevents and cures psychosomatic disorder/disease and improves individual’s resistance and ability to fight stressful situation. Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages, but especially for the people above 40 years of age. Yoga exercise for elderly people can help reverse the aging process and provide a wide range of positive benefits. Since everybody has unique body so it is always advisable to consult a Naturapthic physician / Alternative therapist before starting different Yoga Aasanas or postures. They will guide and suggest you best suitable Yoga Aasanas for your body and brain.

Yoga is beneficial for both body and spirit for everyone but can be especially helpful for those more mature adults. Yoga coupled with Naturopathy / Naturopathic Medicines cure even chronic diseases. Spiritual side of the world receives more importance as we grow older – this forms an excellent foundation for elderly people to start practicing yoga.

Yoga improves blood circulation in our body. This helps to higher utilize the atomic number 8 in blood vessels in body leading to improved memory and concentration. several senior folks expertise losses in these areas because the age will increase and yoga will facilitate scale back or reverse a number of these effects. Seniors have several choices for keeping match through varied varieties of light-weight exercise. One amongst the foremost vital and infrequently unmarked keys to staying healthy is correct respiratory. That happens to be one amongst the foundations of yoga. Air feeds our bodies even as very much like food and water will. Slow, deep respiratory through the nose helps to cleanse the body on many alternative levels.

Old people should begin yoga exercise with slow & controlled motions with the guidance of Naturopathic physician for an enjoyable and safer result. Even while using slow exercises, Senior People get benefited with improved blood circulation and memory.

It is a common belief that yoga require years of practice to give positive results. In fact many elderly people really look forward to their yoga exercise sessions not only for the increased vitality also opportunities for social contacts if done in a group situation. The biggest key to healthy long life is just start “Yoga”.

The right time for Yoga practice is morning empty stomach in fresh air in a park or a garden. First consult a Naturopathic Physician and understand type of yoga required by your body and soul than start practising to Experience the “Magic of Yoga”.

Wish you a healthy and long life.

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