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Jeannie Aur Juju

Jeannie Aur Juju is an Indian sitcom with a fantasy premise which airs on SAB TV every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm and premiered on November 5, 2012. It has been adapted from the American sitcom I Dream Of Jeannie. The show stars Giaa Manek as a 2000-year-old genie and Ali Asgar as a aviator who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love.

The story is based on the romantic, fantasy adventures of Jeannie, a genie, and Captain Vikram Khanna, who is a commercial pilot with Priya Airlines. During Captain Vicky’s solo flight, his aircraft loses touch with ground control. Vicky is forced to make an emergency landing on a deserted island. There, he accidentally meets Jeannie, who has been trapped inside a bottle for 2000 years by Jinjora. Jeannie falls in love with Vicky, whom she lovingly calls Juju at first sight, tricks him and follows him into his world. Vicky, at first unaware that Jeannie has followed him, finds her in his house. He asks Jeannie to leave, but she refuses. Jeannie creates constant problems for Vicky but, in the end, she usually solves them and improves his life.


  • Giaa Manek as Jeannie / Jeannya / Jeannu / Bhoot Larki
  • Ali Asgar as Captain Vikram Brij Khanna / Vicky / Juju / Sweety Pie
  • Navina Bole as Priya Pratap Seth / Baby / Sweety Pie / Teekhi Mirchi
  • Farida Jalal as Duggu Dadi
  • Harsh Khurana as Vela / Velu
  • Ashiesh Roy as Chatur Ganguly
  • Jhumma Mitra as Durga Chatur Ganguly
  • Karan Goddwani as Johnny
  • Neha Mehta as Jia / Didu
  • Amit Tandon as Rahul Chaturvedi / Jimmy
  • Muni Jha as Brij Khanna
  • Shoma Anand as Sushmita Brij Khanna
  • Kurush Deboo as Doctor Cyrus
  • Jiten Mukhi as Pratap Seth / Boss
  • Daisy Irani as Veli Dadi
  • Unknown as Jinjora
  • Vikas Grover as Jacky
  • Arshifa Khan as Jhunjhun
Genre Comedy
Written by Story and Screenplay
Kumar Bhatia
Niren Bhatt
Directed by Jai Singh
Creative director(s) Arvind Vishwakarma
Starring See Below
Composer(s) Background Music
Ashish Rego
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
No. of episodes 194 as on Aug 2, 2013
Executive producer(s) Pragat Loke
Lakshmi Singh
Producer(s) Rajiv Mehra
Editor(s) Ashok M. Rathod
Ajay Kumar
Online Editor
Prashant R. Khandhka
Location(s) India
Running time approximately 21 minutes
Production company(s) Eagle Films Pvt. Ltd.
Original channel SAB TV
Original run November 5, 2012 – Present

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