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Hindu Baby Names -Boy – A

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Hindu Baby Names -Boy – A

Aadarsh Ethical, Ideal, with high moral
Aadesh Communiqué, Command
Aadi Ancient, the first one, Paramount
Aadit Highest, Summit, Pinnacle
Aadya Name of Lord Shiva, the First one
Aagam Arrival of someone
Aagneya Powerful as Fire, Aggressive
Aahlaad Joy, Delight, Laughter
Aahva Dear one, beloved
Aakaar Shape, Appearance, Embodiment
Aakash Sky, Azure, Empyrean
Aakarshan Attraction, Bonding, Love
Aalok Light, Brightness, Luminous
Aamod Joy, Pleasure
Aanjaneya Lord Hanuman, Son of Anjani
Aarnav Ocean, Sea, Large body of water
Aarth Meaning, Definition, Money
Aarpit To donate, Confer, Bestow
Aarush First ray of sun, Glow
Aashank Doubt, Vague, Ambiguous
Aashish Blessing, Consent, Sanctify, Assent
Aashman Full of Glory, Son of Surya
Aashutosh Lord Shiva, Easy to get Happy
Aatmaj Beloved, Loved one, Son
Aatrreya Ancient Hindu sage, One of the Indian Saints
Aatish Fireworks, Lord Ganesha, Illumination
Aayushmaan Long Lived, of Long Life
Aayan Arrival, Influx, Originate, Attain
Abhay Fearless, Valiant, Courageous, Audacious
Abheek Fearless, Audacious, Dauntless, Tenacious
Abhijat Well Born, High born
Abhijaya One who wins, Victorious
Abhijeet One who attain victory
Abhilash Wish, Desire, Crave, Fancy
Abhinandan Greetings, Compliment, Tribute, Accolade
Abhinav New, Different from the previous ones
Abhinay Acting, Expression, Manifestation
Abhineet Perfect, Precise, Accurate, Meticulous
Abhiram Pleasing, One who attracts
Abhiraj Fearless King, valiant emperor, sovereign
Abhirup One with good looks, Charming
Abhishek Ritual, Sacred practice, Custom, Convention
Abhivanth Honour given to kings
Abhra Sky, Cloud
Abhyudaya Uprising, Excel, Fortune
Abimanyu Warrior from Mahabharata, Son of Arjun
Achal One who do not submit, Unshaken
Achalraj Himalaya, Mighty, Untamed
Acharya Guru, With high Knowledge, Spiritual teacher
Achintya Lord Shiva, Inconceivable
Achyut One who could not be destroyed, Vishnu
Adarsh Ideal, Flawless, Unblemished
Adeep Spiritual Light, Brightness of Soul
Adheesh Monarch, King, One who rules
Adhip One having high rank, one who controls
Adeel Judge, Honest, Unbiased
Adhiraj Emperor, Sovereign
Adinath Mighty, Sovereign, Lord Vishnu
Adit First Born, Formost, One who begins
Aditya Sun, Son of Aditi, Deity of Brightness
Advait Indian philosophical stream
Advik Unique, Different
Advay Unique, Distinctive, Exclusive
Agastya Ancient Indian Sage, Scholar
Aghat Without sin, Pure
Agosh Without Sound, Without Declaration
Agnivesh Bright, Intense, Luminous
Agrata Leader, Aggressive
Ahan Dawn, Starting, Bright
Ainesh The Sun God
Ajaat Unknown
Ajaatshatru One with no enemies, Victorious
Ajay Unconquered, Unsurpassed, Triumphant
Ajit Victorious, Conquering, Dominant
Ajitabh Victor, Vanquisher, Subjugator
Ajitesh Supreme soul, Sovereign, Lord Vishnu
Ajoy Pleasant, Amusing, Fantastic, Joyful
Akand Tranquil, Peaceful, Calm, Placid
Akash Sky, Heaven, Blue sheet of heaven
Akhil Universe, whole, entire
Akhilesh Lord of Universe, Supreme lord
Akshaj Name of Bhagwan Vishnu, Almighty
Akshansh Entire world, Universe
Akshar Letter, Message
Akshat Sacred material used in ritual
Akshat Without sin, Pure
Akshay Immortal, Perpetual, Everlasting
Akshit Permanent, One which always exist
Akul Lord Shiva, Almighty, Heavenly soul
Alak Universe
Alankar Charming, Handsome, Decorated
Alok Glow, Brightness, Light
Alop One that does not disapear
Alpesh Miniature, Small, Tiny
Amaan Peace, Placid, Calm
Amal Pure, without sin, Chaste, Untainted
Amalendu Pure like the moon, Full moon
Amalesh Pure, Unpolluted, True, Full of chaste
Aman Peace, Serenity, Calm, Placid
Amar Immortal, Perpetual, Everlasting
Amardeep Immortal Light, The light which never dies
Amaresh Lord Indra, King of Gods
Amarish Lord Indra, One who rules the immortals
Amarnath Lord Shiva, Supreme God
Amartya Immortal, Permanent, Never ending
Ambar Sky, Heaven, High
Ambareesh One who rules the sky, Mater of heaven
Ambuj Lotus, Sacred flower
Ameya Lord Ganesha, Auspicious, God of Fortune
Amish Pure, Unadulterated, Untainted
Amit Limitless, Infinite
Amitabh Unlimited, Unrestrained, Unconfined
Amitesh God who knows no bounds, Supreme God
Amar Immortal, One who never dies
Amod Pleasurable, Pleasing, Delightful
Amogh Precise, without error
Amol Priceless, Precious, Inestimable
Amresh Lord Indra, The benevolent, Ocean of love
Amrish King of Gods, The benevolent
Amrit Divine drink of life, Nectar, Celestial drink
Amshu Tiny particle, Atom
Amshul Dazzling, Glittering, Bright
Amuk Some, one or another
Amul Inestimable, precious, priceless
Amulya Invaluable, Incomparable, Of limitless price
Anadi Undying, Eternal, Perpetual
Anagh Pure, without malice
Anal Fire, Blaze, Flames
Anant Joy, Bliss, Delight, happiness
Anathakrishnan The almighty, Omnipotent, Omnipresent
Anantram The Almighty, God
Anay Lord Krishna
Anek Many, Difficult to count
Angak Son, Male child, Descendant
Angaj Son, offspring
Anik Fighter, Soldier
Anikait Lord of the World, Almighty, Omnipotent
Anil God of Wind, Emperor of air
Animesh Bright, Brilliant, Shinning
Anirudh Boundless, Lord Vishnu, Unrestricted
Anirvan Everlasting, Abiding
Anirvinya A name of God Vishnu
Anish Lord Krishna, God of peace and love
Anit Delightful, One who spread happiness
Anjan Sacred eye liner used in rituals
Anjor Luminous, Incandescent, Glowing
Ankit One who do mighty deeds
Ankur Seed, Blush of new birth
Ankush Restraint, Confinement, control
Anmol Priceless, Incalculable, Precious
Annuabhuj Lord of kailash, Lord Shiva, Sovereign
Anoop Incomparable, Unparalleled, Unique
Anram Uninterrupted, Unbroken, Continuous
Ansh Segment, Portion, Part
Anshuk Bright, Luminous
Anshul Glittering, Shiny
Anshuman God of Light, The Sun
Anshumat Bright, Glittering
Anubhav Experience, Knowledge, Understanding
Anuj Younger sibling, Junior
Anunay Request, Pleading, humble
Anupam Incomparable, Unparalleled, Unique
Anurag Affection, Love, Attraction
Anuva Wisdom, understanding
Anvesh Investigation, Exploration, Inquisition
Apoorva Not seen before, Incomparable
Aprameya Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna
Appaji Lord Venkateswara of Balaji, Supreme Deity
Araadhya one who is worshipped, The God
Aranab Placid, Calm,
Arav Placid, Peaceful, Calm
Archan Spiritual chanting, Devotion to God
Archit One who is worshipped, God
Arha Lord Shiva, Divine being
Arhat One who hold the respect of others
Arhan Tirthankara, Spritual
Arihant One who slays his enemies
Arij Aroma, pleasent
Arindam One who ha no enemies, Mighty, Powerful
Arja Celestial, Far beyond any confinements
Arjit Achieved, Attained, Acquired
Arjun Great archer of Mahabharata
Arman Desire, Hope
Arnav The sea, Aquatic life
Arnesh King of the ocean
Arpan Offering, To bestow, Endowment
Arrush First ray of Sun
Arun Sun, Shimmer, Blaze
Arvind Lotus, Sacred flower used in rituals
Arya From a family of higher status, High blood
Aryaman Noble-minded, Aristocratic
Aryan Noble, from a high blood line
Aryavan One who posses higher values and status
Asav meaning of something in short, essence
Ashank Belief, Faith
Asheem Boundless, Unrestrained, Of no confinements
Ashish Blessing Bestowing good wishes
Ashit Lord Shani, Sani Dev, Saturn
Ashok Without grief, Delightful, Pleasant
Ashraye Protection, Shield, Shelter
Ashutosh Lord Shiva in most benevolent form
Ahsvath One who helps other, Benevolent
Ashvin A star, Glittering, Embellishing the sky
Atal Unshakable, Firm, Unwavering
Atambhu Blessings of all three almighty figures
Atanu Kaamdev, Very charming
Atharva Name of Ganesha, One of the four Vedas
Atiksh One having sharp brain, Intellectual
Atman Soul, inner self
Atmanand Blissful, Delightful, Contented in inner self
Atraiu Conqueror, Warrior, Great in war skills
Atul Incomparable, Unique
Avadhesh King of Avedh
Avanish Lord of the Earth, Lord of land
Avasyu Lord of rains, Indra
Avi Essentials of life, The Sun and Air
Avichal Unshakable, Firm, Unwavering
Avijeet Untamed, Insuppressible, Impregnable
Avikam Precious, Diamond
Avilash Trustworthy, Reliable
Avinash Immortal, Unconquerable
Avirat Never ending, Continuous
Avish King, Monarch
Avtar Celestial embodiment, incarnation of God
Ayaan To come, Arrival, Appearing at a place
Ayavanth Lord Shiva, The almighty soul
Ayush Long Lived, Blessing for the longevity

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