Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Vijender Singh, Kiara Advani, Arfi Lamba, Kunika
Direction: Kabir Sadanand
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Story: Four fun-loving friends realize themselves within the grip of a vicious, blackmailing cop – however f*ugly can this get?Review: there is a line in F*ugly that mirrors the flick superbly – “Apne aap blow bara character samajhta hai.” at some point of its tight run-time, F*ugly struts around with the notice of being overstrung – however falls off the sting. F*ugly had sharp potential – a dramatic story, a contemporary forged, a textile thespian and gritty town Old Delhi. however rather than weaving a tightly-knit drama, these become loose threads.
Dev (Marwah), Devi (Advani), Gaurav (Singh) and Hindu deity (Lamba) square measure quick friends living life, as Dev says, “on speed and affectionate it”. Foot-loose and uncommitted, the Old Delhi foursome drives around city, drinking, partying and cussing.

They pop across to Leh wherever Dev starts a traveller camp, then come home wherever Devi helps her mother (Kunika) sell papads to the sexy Nannu (Pravin Singh Sisodia during a strikingly creepy role), Gaurav trains as a boxer beneath the indulgent eye of his Haryanvi politician father and Hindu deity learns the family sanitary-ware trade. Life rolls on during a swill of swearwords and hard liquor till the four strike corrupt cop Chautala (Shergill) and against the law happens. will the chums survive?F*ugly’s determination to be outre makes it miscarry. The film gets loaded down making an attempt to capture each Old Delhi bromide, from Parliament to Paharganj, and show however deep the city’s visual aspect has seeped. The story has its moments – Shergill’s threatening Chautala is graven in iron whereas Vijender Singh is funny and bright. Marwah’s Dev has emotional presence whereas Advani’s Devi alternates well between fiery and fragile. However, in Associate in Nursing attempt|attempting} to gift an uber-cool tale, the acting is unnoted and inconsistent. Similarly, there square measure hanging side-stories here – Gaurav’s family’s internal politics – however the direction fails to fuse along a strong, coherent film, the distracted screen efforts unaided by forgettableĀ  music.


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