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Best 10 Tips to Save your skin from monsoon showers

From exploitation lightweight make-up, keeping the skin and hair dry to exfoliating your skin at regular intervals, keep your beauty checks in sail to pass the monsoon blues.

The rainy season brings with it a rise in humidness, grime and pollution, which might intensify your skin and hair woes. however to a small degree care here and there will guarantee a swish transition from one season to a different for you.

Acne, pimples, dryness of skin and frizzly tresses are some of the common issues that one will face once the season changes from the hot summer to the steamy monsoon.

It is imperative to stay the skin clean and dry in any respect times.

  • Pores tend to urge clogged with oil and dirt, particularly in folks with oily skin, a lot of therefore throughout the monsoon, that makes your daily cleansing and exfoliating even a lot of vital.
  • People with dry skin can notice their skin feel even a lot of dehydrated throughout this modification in season. you need to use a decent moisturiser that helps hold the water within the outer layers of your skin to allow it a soft and supple look. Also, do not clog your pores with serious make-up.


  • Don’t trouble over a way to follow the three-step method of cleansing, toning and moisturizing for aid. Even washing the face with a¬† gentle face wash will offer fantastic results.


  • Use water-based product and serums as they’re extremely targeted, non-sticky and find absorbed into the skin terribly simply while not hindering the pores.
  • To play safer, attempt home-made mixtures on skin for prospering results.


  • For cleansing and exfoliating the dry skin, you’ll use a combination of crushed almond paste and honey to be washed off once massaging the concoction on your face for 5 to seven minutes. for greasy skin, you’ll use plain oatmeal scrub or ripe pulp of papaya.


  • For moisturizing the dry skin, you’ll be able to apply a combination of 1 tablespoon every of honey, recent curd and jojoba oil to your skin and rinse with water once ten minutes. for greasy skin, you’ll be able to apply a combination of 2 tablespoon rose water/glycerin and a few strawberry pulp that is to be washed off in ten minutes.
  • Find a cleanser that matches your complexion. You can find oil-free facial cleansers and special solutions meant for combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, and normal skin.
  • Don’t touch your blemishes other than to gently cleanse and apply products meant to treat them. Apply a product containing 10% benzyl peroxide for good results.
  • Try facial mud masques to soak up excess skin oils. If used once a week, you’ll notice a true difference in the softness of your skin and a real decrease in the oils on the surface of your skin.


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