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Baal Veer

Baal Veer is an Indian children’s television series on SAB TV. It aired on 8th October 2012.The show is createt by Vipul D. Shah and Sanjiv Sharma. The show completed 200 episodes on 28 June 2013

The show talks about Baal Veer, the ultimate hero for innocent, good and honest children. He is endowed with the capability of acquiring Pari Taraa, the source for all the power in the universe. The main obstacle in his way is Bhayankar Pari ( Shama Sikander ), who is the arch rival of the good fairies. This is to avenge the dream of her good form, Bhali Pari of becoming the queen, which was shattered due to Maa Pari ( Rukhsar Rehman ) enthroning Bahuroopi Pari ( Karishma Tanna ) and making her the next Rani Pari. Bhayankar Pari tries to harm the good fairies, Baal Veer and the good and honest children of the Earth. She almost succeeds in doing so by making Rani Pari a statue of ice. Due to her wrongdoings, she is trapped and made a captive in the Sarvada Jail. In the process, Bawandar Pari ( Deepshikha) more cruel, dishonest and shrewd fairy is released. She tries to harm Baal Veer and the earthlings by capturing the rain clouds but fails.

Baal Veer’s favourite friends are Manav ( Rudra Soni )and Meher ( Anushka Sen) belonging to the family of seven good and honest people, where Baal Veer lives undercover as Ballu. Manav and Meher are often troubled by Montu, the son of the school trustee Mr. Manibhai Lakhani. The two groups are often at loggerheads but everytime Baal Veer saves the day.Rani Pari is normal angin and Bawandar Pari helps Bhayankar Pari to come out from Sarvada Jail.The fairies tries to make Bhayankar Pari a rock but Bawandar Pari becomes rock and Bhayankar Pari takes her wand.


  • Dev Joshi- Baal Veer/Balu(child protagonist)
  • Karishma Tanna/Shruti Seth – Rani Pari/Bahuroopi Pari(protagonist)
  • Shama Sikander – Bhayankar Pari /Bhali Pari(antagonist)
  • Sharmilee Raj- Baal Pari(protagonist)
  • Aditi Sajwan – Natkhat Pari(protagonist)
  • Charu Asopa – Atkhati Pari(protagonist)
  • Manisha Thakkar – Bhatkhati Pari(protagonist)
  • Sangeeta Khanayat – Aarpaar Pari(protagonist)
  • Lavina Tandon – Gaal Pari(protagonist)
  • Samiksha Bhatnagar – Vijdhar Pari(protagonist)
  • Pallavi- Naraaz Pari(antagonist)
  • Rashmi Singh – Taaraz Pari(antagonist)
  • Anushka Sen- Meher(protagonist)
  • Rudra Soni – Manav(protagonist)
  • Deepshikha – Bawander Pari(antagonist)
  • Amita Choksi- Smita(Manav and Meher’s mother,Ballu’s adoptive mother)
  • Alpana Buch- Dadi Ji(Manav,Meher’s grandmother)
  • Roop Durgapal – Dari Dari pari(protagonist)
  • Abhay harpade – Mahesh(Manav,Meher’s father,Ballu’s adoptive father)
  • Raashul tandon – Rocky(Mahesh’s younger brother)

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